Sunday, October 6, 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge! Day 17: Glitter

Waaaaaasssuuuuup? So for this challenge, I've got a really fun design for you! :) One that both satisfies the glitter challenge, and is perfect for Halloween!

That's right... Googly eyes!! My glitter was the inspiration: Salon Perfect Kaboom. I tried getting a good close-up of the glitter, but my camera just isn't made for that, unfortunately. But I think you can tell in a few of them that the polish is actually just blue and yellow glitter. But the two of them together and the density of the glitter makes it look green overall! It's pretty awesome! I started with a base color of OPI Can't Find My Czechbook, and then two coats of Kaboom. I thought it looked kind of creature-ish, so I pulled out some googly eyes and made cute little monster nails. My friend actually said they looked more like dinosaurs, but that works too! These probably would have been hilarious with little mouths, but I was going for something easy that really focused on the glitter. If you're wondering about wearing googly eyes on your nails, I literally just pushed mine down into the wet glitter, and then I put top coat over it to seal them in. I thought they would come off immediately, because they stuck up off my nail pretty far, but they were practically cemented on my nails, haha. I couldn't pull them off if I tried. At least, not without hurting myself. I don't suggest using Seche Vite as a top coat to seal 3D pieces on to your nails, because that never worked for me. I used Out The Door to seal mine in. But it's up to you. :) And to remove the glitters (I thought it was going to be awful because they were cemented to my nails) but I just used the glitter-foil-removal method, and they came off beautifully! Actually, I think the acetone melted the plastic eyes, haha. 

The eyes really gave my nails character, so let me know if you decide to try it out! Thanks for reading, have a great day, and happy painting! :)

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