Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Witch's Brew/Magic Slime Nails

Wooo, I'm on a roll today! It's just because I've already painted all these designs, I just didn't upload them the day I did them. Sigh, my blog is just a perpetual mess. Anyway, here is my Witch's Brew/Magic Slime (I couldn't decide which name fit it better) design:

I don't think I meant to, but I managed to get all the most obnoxious Halloween colors in it? But I love it!! My base color is Sinful Colors Cloud 9. Then I took China Glaze Grape Juice and dotted it along the tips in a dripping pattern. It wasn't sparkly enough for me, so then I covered it with a purple glitter from Love & Beauty (Forever 21's brand) - I have no idea what the name of it is, because my bottle has no label. But I tried googling it, and I've seen it called Cauldron? Or it could just be Purple Glitter. I'm not sure. If you know what it's called, please let me know. Anyway, over that, I put Icing Love It and Orly Mermaid Tale for some magic bits (glitter, basically). And then, to make it even more spooky, I stamped the spider image from MASH plate 38 with Sinful Colors Innocent on my accent nails. Whew, that's a lot. But lemme tell you... They were so Halloween. They screamed Halloween. So I hope you like them! Let me know what you think. :)

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day, and happy painting! :)

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