Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dinosaur Egg/Rock Nails

Hey there! I have another design for you done on my little sister's nails. Her nails are much longer than mine, so I'll try to keep posting what I paint on her nails, so you can get both long and short nail designs. My sister wanted me to paint her nails to look like a rock that she has:

It's a rock, but it's called a dinosaur egg at the museum she got it from. This is what I came up with:

The base color is Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Black Out. I sponged a little bit of Ulta Concrete Evidence on the nail in random spots. Then I did the water spotted technique (where you start off the same as a water marble, except instead of doing multiple colors and swirling it around, you do a few drops of one color and then spray it with perfume or any other alcohol-based spray - it breaks the polish up on the water and makes it speckled like you can see there) with Funky Fingers Like Clockwork. The polish was the right color, but I wasn't using the right spray, so it ended up a little more chunky than it looks on the "egg." So if you try it out, don't use perfume. Maybe use spray hand sanitizer, or rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. And of course, this can be done with any colors you like, I just used these colors because that's what my sister wanted. And if you're catching a glimpse of my nails in the third picture, I'm wearing OPI Can't Find My Czechbook with a single coat of Sephora Spark-tacular. I don't have a post for that because I seemed to have misplaced the pictures. So oh well! Maybe another day. Anyway, thanks for reading, have a great day, and happy painting! :)

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