Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Turquoise and Silver Glitter Nails

Hey there! This is going to be an exciting post. So, sometimes I like to just have plain nails (as close to plain as I can get, anyway), and this is what I ended up with:

(natural light, indoors)

This is a pretty normal design for me, but it was nice. The combination of a creme color and a glitter polish as an accent nail can be used for any colors you want. I, of course, used a turquoise and silver glitter. The turquoise is China Glaze For Audrey (it's a really popular polish - but my bottle's formula is gross and goopy, so I don't use it often). And for the silver glitter, I used a base coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City and then one coat of Essie Set In Stones. I feel like this also would have looked very nice without the glitter, but I needed a little bit of glam. 

I reeeeaally liked this manicure, but then something happened. I was pulling my windows down, and one of my nails broke completely down to the skin. Needless to say, it hurt like rip. I had class early that morning, so I had no choice but to pack my nail clippers and a file in my bag and go hide out in the bathroom (really, I went and hid in a stall - it was so weird and I felt sceezy afterwards) to even them out. I didn't take a picture of the nail difference with just that broken nail (because I was in a bathroom stall and it was already weird enough), but I do have these:

(indoors, taken the night before)

(indoors, taken when I got home and repainted my nails)

(Other than the size of my nails, you can also see a huge difference in my cuticles - they're not as gross any more!)

So there you go, it also works on short nails! And I actually found I was waaaay happier with it on my shorter nails. I don't know why. But you can do it no matter what size your nails are. :) So I hope you enjoyed it, even though it's not that special. I liked it! 
Thanks for reading, have a nice day, and happy painting! :)

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