Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blue Galaxy Nails

Hey there! :) So, for this post I have some galaxy nails for you! Yes, they've been done a million times before. I know. There's nothing new about galaxy nails. But I, for one, think they are still beautiful and never get old! So I went ahead and did some. THEY ARE GORGEOUS.

(outdoors - direct sunlight)

(outdoors - shade)

So pretty!! I usually don't do blue-toned galaxy nails, they're usually pink and yellow. So this was new to me! And they are pretty labor-intensive for galaxy nails. So I'm just going to list the steps and colors I used for you:
  1. My base color was the blue polish end of the Revlon Moon Candy nail art double-ended thing in the combination Galactic. It's really opaque, plus I'm going to add a ton of extra colors and glitter, so I did one very thin coat. You can substitute a black polish, because this one pretty much looks black.
  2. I sponged some white (Sinful Colors Snow Me White) using a small piece of makeup sponge in a random pattern on each nail to create the "nebula."
  3. Then I took a shimmery dark blue (a nameless BonBon polish) and sponged around the edges of the white to blend it into the blue/black base color.
  4. I then used China Glaze Ahoy! and lightly sponged it in a few places. I just wanted a hint of the rosy pink, but nothing too overpowering. 
  5. Then comes the fun part. GLITTER!! I used three different glitter polishes for this. Can you spot them all? First I used one of my all time favorite polishes - a nameless BonBon polish. Yep. One of those teeny tiny bottles of polish from Walmart. It's one of the few that are still left in stores, as far as I know. I picked up three new bottles just in case they stop making them! It's a shimmery clear base with multi-colored iridescent glitters of all sizes in it. So lovely. Then I dabbed on some Pure Ice Look My Way on the shimmery blue I sponged on earlier. Look My Way is a jam-packed glitter polish with purple and blue glitters in it. It actually didn't show up too much, but it did give a nice spotted effect over the white. Then I topped it off with a few dabs of Sonnetarium's Snowfall for the white stars. Combined, it gave a beautiful effect! I LOVED these nails so much. Of course, if you want to recreate these, polishes and dotting tools can be used to substitute the glitter.

I hope you like this as much as I do! Let me know if you want to try them or if you have any questions! Thanks for reading, have a good day, and happy painting! :)

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