Thursday, May 23, 2013

Turquoise and Gold Flower Nails

Hi there! See a trend yet? I really like turquoise. I honestly didn't realize how much I wear it until I go back and see just how many posts I have on here with turquoise nail polish. Oops! In the future I'll try to make it a little different! Anyway, this is a basic stamped design, but it is sooooooo pretty. I LOVED this design. I'd do it again any day.

(indoors, natural lighting)

Isn't it pretty?? Gah, I just loved it. For my base color, I used China Glaze Custom Kicks. It was perfect for this design because it has a very subtle gold shimmer in it. I painted two coats of Custom Kicks on all of my nails except for my ring finger, on which I painted two coats of Ulta High Roller. I also used High Roller to stamp the swirly flower design, which is from MASH image plate Mash-40. I absolutely loved how this turned out (except for the bubbles you can plainly see on my ring finger caused by my top coat), but I do think it would have looked much better if I had some chunky gold glitter to put over my ring finger. I apparently don't own any. Welp! I liked it anyway. And I hope you enjoy this too! You don't have to have this specific stamp to replicate this design. I think it would look equally as nice with just a swirly delicate design. It's up to you! Either way, this color combination is unbeatable. So thanks for reading, have a good day, and happy painting! :)

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