Friday, May 24, 2013

Earth Nails

Hi there! Back to some seriousness after my last post. So, a while back (end of March) I went to see The Host with my friend. And of course, I love to have an occasion to paint my nails! So, if you've read the book, yay! You'll understand why I painted what I did. If not, then basically here's this: The main characters are Wanderer and Melanie. They're in the same body. Wanderer is a pretty alien worm called a Soul. The Souls have taken over Earth and the humans, as well as other planets and species. They're not evil though. Anyway, the Souls can choose what planet they want to live on, and *SPOILER* Wanderer (or Wanda) decides to stay on Earth, because it's her home and she belongs there. Basically. So I painted Earth nails!

(taken with my iPhone because I was in a hurry)

So for my base color, I used a nameless BonBon polish. I just wanted a subtle, shimmery blue. The only other shimmery dark blue I have is China Glaze Frostbite, and that was just waaaay too bright. Then I used a dotting tool and painted random land shapes (some of them do resemble actual country shapes, but I didn't look at a map or anything) with Sinful Colors Happy Ending. These were so shimmery, and perfect for The Host premier without being too difficult. :) 

So, if you haven't read The Host, go read it! It was a great book, really unique. I was very surprised that Stephanie Meyer wrote a really quality book, but then the movie sucked so bad. No offense if you liked it! But it really was awful. At least I had nice nails and a good meal date with my friend to make it suck less, haha. Anyway, thanks for reading, have a great day, and happy painting! :)

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