Saturday, March 16, 2013

Glowing Samurai Princess Nails

Hello again! :) I have had a busy week and couldn't finish catching up on my posts, but now I'm working on it. I guess we'll just never hear the end of me having to catch up on posts.

Anyway, after my last manicure I decided I wasn't done wearing Samurai Princess (for more info and a semi-review on it visit my last post), so I switched it up and used a different base color! One that GLOWS!

(indoors - sorry for the blur in the first picture!)

My base color is Bright Night by Blackheart Beauty. You may have seen these polishes if you visit Hot Topic regularly - they're the skull shaped bottles! Freaking awesome. I don't actually go to Hot Topic all that often, but I have wanted some glow in the dark polish for a really long time and they have a bunch of colors. This one was my favorite - bluuue! It's not the standard green or clear glow in the dark. This polish has a weird formula. It's pretty sheer - I used three coats. But it's kind of a thick jelly? It's really strange. I'm not sure if you can tell in the second picture, but after a day (I had to wait for daylight to take a picture) it starts to peel back a bit? But not entirely - just the pigment. There was still polish on the tips of my nails. Like I said, it was really weird. But fantastic anyway. Here's the glow:

SO COOL. My camera doesn't do it justice. It's waaaaay brighter in reality. And it charges under a lght very quickly, and lasts so much longer than you'd imagine. After experimenting, I even found that I could hold the flashlight on my iPhone right over it for a few seconds, and you could literally see my nails glow in full lighting. They looked radioactive! Freaking awesome.

Before you go off and get these polishes (because they are awesome and inexpensive), there is one more thing I want to mention. According to Hot Topic's website, these polishes contain lead. I don't want to alarm anyone! They are safe to wear, trust me. I wore it for a long time (and I also have worn some of their other polishes), and I haven't had anything happen to me. I just wanted to warn you in case you bite your nails, or you don't want to wear anything with lead in them (especially don't get this for kids). But the polishes contain a very small amount of lead, and they are safe to wear. I used a top coat over them, and I was able to eat and everything. So don't let that discourage you if you're interested in them, I just want you to have the facts. Because I did not know this before I bought and wore them.

Anyway, thanks for reading, have a nice day, and happy painting! :)


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    1. Thank you so much! :) I'll definitely check out the giveaway too!